EFT uses our acupuncture meridians to release negative feelings and beliefs from the traumas and negative programing that surrounds us. Feelings like  fear, shame, anger, sadness, and guilt to name a few. No matter how stuck you feel or how long you have been replaying your old painful experiences. By briefly and perhaps for the last time, focusing on the feelings and beliefs you want to be release you tap through 8 different acupuncture meridians. In movments you will likely find yourself feeling more relaxed, lighter, and then empowerd to make greater changes. YOU CAN DO THIS FOR YOURSELF TOO. I will teach you to do this amazing technique.  Other changes you can make are reducing or eleminating physical pain, stress, anxiety, phobias, PTSD, core belief change work, addictions and cravings. I have helped many people with these issues You can read what my clients say by Clicking Here.

I often use EFT as an adjunct to massage or as a separate modality when requested. Ready to find the time?  Click Here

“This sounds great but I don’t have the time to even leave my office or home!”      No Problem. I have helped people all over the world via Skype or by connecting by phone at 604 873-4161.

How does it work you cleverly ask??

We gently tap on your acupuncture meridian points while you focus on the emotions or beliefs you want to release. Many clients find deep relief within moments of starting this technique. I will also teach you how to apply this to yourself so you can continue to make powerful changes on your own If you are so inclined. Guidance and support is also available to clients working out more complex issues during self care.

Client/Therapist sessions are often the most effective way, if for the sole reason I help you clarify and stay focused the issues you want to release and solve.

EFT is one the most powerful techniques I have used, treated and taught in my 20 years of experience. In the last 12 years EFT has gone from a serious seekers discovery to an often mentioned technique in self help, coaching and councelor circles. It has been around and refined over 30 years, thanks in large part to it’s founder Gary Craig. There is evidence that the Vedics have been practicing an EFT like technique for thousands of years. As demonstrated by Swami Paramahamsa Nithyhanadas teachings.

Recently recognizsed by the American Psychological Association (APA) as an evidence based practice. This is a huge step in recognition for this amazing group of techniques. This recognizes the success with War time PTSD for American Military.

If you’re feeling ready for some relief,  find your appointment.