Free Massage with Randall Friedman, RMT

Introducing the Crossroads Massage Therapy VIP Rewards Program.

Which would you rather have? A free Starbucks coffee or Free massage time?

Most registered massage therapists rely on word of mouth from their happy clients to continue growing their practices. I have found that most advertising is very expensive and isn’t very effective due to limited viewing and or the cost to advertise is too high to reach my intended audience. I have been very fortunate that many of you are so pleased with your treatments that you shared your results with your friends,  family and collegues. This has made a huge difference to me. I want to share the wealth with those who make it possible to share what I do.

The idea is to keep this as this simple as possible. I also want to make the rewards increase in value for my clients who make extra effort in connecting friends in need of relief.

How it works:

When your friend comes in for their treatment I always ask how they found me. When your friend’s mention you sent them, you get rewarded with an additional 10 minutes of free massage on your next booking. Refer two people within 30 days of the first friends treatment and you will received 30 minutes of free massage added to your next hour. Refer 3 people in the 30 days and you will receive 60 minutes of free massage. I extend your next two 60 minute treatments to 90 minute sessions for the cost of the original 60 minutes. Additional clients referred in the 30 day window will reward you with an additional 30 minute free massage extensions. These rewards do not expire so you can bank as much free time as you want.

Your generous written referrals on Facebook, Google+, Yelp,are gratefully received and allows me to help more clients have similar experiences. Thank you for helping me continue to do what I love.