The C.O.A.T Method

Easy to learn, very deep, and very gentle

Tap into The Immense Power at Your Finger Tips

Hydrate your fascia, melt your tight muscles and adhesons, eleminate your pain using this relaxed Pinch and Twist Technique. as taught by Randall Friedman, RMT.

This very simple yet powerful self care and client/therapist technique can release the deepest of tension and pain held in the soft tissues of the body. Also known as capillary flow technique.

Gesture fist palm up with thumb and index fing...

I will describe this technique in as simple terms as possible for ease of use. Know that there are many deeper levels of knowledge that can be applied to bring this far beyond the scope of this article. If you want to know more feel free to contact me.

  1. Identify the area of pain or tightness (increased density under the skin)
  2. Grasp the most superficial amount of skin over the painful area, don’t worry that you are not in direct contact with the painful tissue.
  3. Feel around to find any areas in the skin that are slightly more dense or thick within approximately a two inchs of the affected area.
  4. Apply a pinch and a light twist to the thickend superficial skin. I often use the side of my flexed index finger and my thumb. extending the thumb to create the twist instead of pulling the thumb backwards to help maintain a relaxed grip. This pinched tissue may feel a bit tender.
  5. lighten your pressure until you are just barely holding on to the tissue underneath your fingers.
  6. The tissue over time will seem to thin out or melt under your grip. You may feel it unwind and take your fingers on a little trip, you may feel a pulse show up (a very good sign) Eventually you will feel a melting of the tissues below your fingers. You many need to repeat the pinch and twist technique on adjacent areas before experiencing a castcade effect or a complete melting of the area and relief from the pain. Look for areas of density and be patient, you will be amazed as things melt.

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