It’s not everyday that a breakthrough in the world of bodywork happens.

I have benefited from at least three other breakthroughs that changed the massage world and how I treat clients  in the last 21 years. Each one has been significant. This one is too, especially for those who get back, neck and shoulder pain as a result of imbalanced and locking hips. So many issues start from this base of stability when things are imobile or simply not working well.

As you may know I have focused much of my attention over the last 21 years in creating balance and mobility my client’s bodies. Unlocking the hips when necessisary and rebalancing the core muscles at the spinal and pelvic level provides us with much better alignment, improved painfree range of motion, better balance, and so much more.

You may also recall how the “pull apart squeeze together exercises” work well when you remember to do them. A very powerful use of 30 seconds!

if you can’t remember, find it here on my website. Quick, simple and effective.

The breakthrough is that I have discovered that there something more effective at keeping your hips (sacral illiac joints) mobile, your spine in better alignment and your muscles in better balance. This also means much less energy expended by tight asymetrical muscle groups and even more important LESS PAIN.

The pull apart and squeeze together exercise is a great excercie because it frees up the lock that happens between your sacrum and your iliums. Bigger issues is that It only addresses the symptoms of  pelvic floor muscle imbalances and doesn’t correct this imbalance. The New exercise is the longer term fix that is accessable to most people.

I now assess, correct and give you the simple exercises to correct the underlying pelvic floor muscle imbalances that leads to so many of our dysfunctions. The assessment and training takes all of 15-20 minutes. When you reinstate pelvic floor muscle balance it results can last a lifetime and has many documented benefits. Please tell your friends who suffer with back, spinal and neck pain, You can help them and help yourself.

The Details: 

What we have discovered is that when there is an imbalance in the pelvic floor muscles, either in strength or timing, it cause your sacrum to tilt creating a torsion when moving, especially flexion and extension. This sacral torsion creates pressure points into one of the sacral iliac joints leading to a locking or jamming up of your hips.

When locked your pelvis cannot move with ease on one side, this creates a number of secondary disfunctions including: a functional leg length difference causing spinal compensations (scoliosis), hamstring and quadracepts length differences causing stretch and strength imbalances. Knee and ankle issues. Low back pain, head ache and jaw issues. Everything is connected, this is a big one.

My favorite analogy is to visualize a pyramid, if the base is level the point will be dead center. If the base is out even a few degrees the top of the pyramid will be way out. This is what happens to your spine and your neck and head. Your shoulders and shoulder blades will be different heights. Your arms may also appear to be different lengths. Take a look in a mirror are your hip heights level? Are your shoulders,  ear lobs and eyes level? If not you may be one of the many people I see who are stuck and need some help rebalancing your pelvic floor muscles to crerate long lasting change.