Salt Glow Treatment – Something Really Special

A salt glow treatment leaves your skin soft and glowing for several days. Your body will tingle during and after this treatment. Perfect for a couples activity but nurturing for self care.

Prepare a salt rub mixture by adding:

  • Place 4-6 cups of course ground or kosher salt in a medium size bowl
  • Add 3 Table spoons of sesame oil. Organic if you can find it. Sesame oil leaves a soft rich texture absorbed into your skin and is a source of Vitamin E and K.
  • Add 6-12 drops of peppermint pure essential oils into the salt. This provides a wonderful scent and a nice tingle to your skin. If you like scents like Lavendar you can add several drops into the salt mixture as well.
  • Mix the ingrediants well.

In the hydrotherapy clinic we performed the scrub on a massage table, It works well staying in the shower or empty bath tub.

Take a 3 or 4 minute hot shower, don’t use any soap. Turn the water off and apply a moderate portion of salt to the palm of your hands.

Gently rub the salt into your neck and shoulders, methodically covering all of your body except your nipples, genitals and bottoms of your feet.

I would avoid scrubbing your face if you are using coarse salt. There are many good specialized scrubs for your face.

Turn the shower back on, and carefully rinse and brush away the salt off your body. Don’t use soap.

Pat your self dry with a fluffy towel. Notice the glow and how soft your skin feels. Now go share it with someone else.

Randall occasionally performs this for clients in the right clinic settings.

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