The Pull Apart Squeeze Together Exercise.

A Great Self Release Exercise For Sacral Iliac Joint Locks

Randall’s Self Hip Release

Many of our back, hip, shoulder and neck issues stem from the fact that the three bones that make up our hips, the sacrum and the left and right iliac crest bones get stuck in certain positions that create imbalance, immobility, and instability leading to the rest of your body being forced to compensate for our lack of mobility. This is a simple, quick and gentle traction exercise that frees up the bones that make up the base of your body giving your spine the chance to exist in a more neutral posture. This exercise is really the first in a series of Muscle Energy Technique exercises. That being said, by simply applying this exercise at the right time can be a lifesaver as well as an important tool in preventing pain, scoliosis, headaches, jaw alignment issues and so much more. Try it! it takes all of 30 seconds.

While sitting, place your feet together and reach around your knees securing your hands together so that your knees are touching. You can also use a sheet, towel or belt to secure your knees. Attempt to pull your knees apart against your hold.You should not be able to separate your knees. Using as much as 30% of your leg strength, hold your leg-pull for 3-5 seconds. Repeat this 3 times.

By not letting your knees separate while under pressure, you create a gentle traction at your sacroiliac joints.

While keeping your feet together or a maximum of a hands width apart while sitting. Bend over and place your forearm between your knees, placing your palm against the inside of one knee and elbow against the other. Using approximately 40% of your strength squeeze your knees together for 5 seconds. Repeat this 3 times.

Don’t be surprised if this creates a popping sound when you squeeze. This move will realign your pubic joint. Not everyone will have a popping sound.

This is a “shotgun technique”, it releases most sacral iliac joint locks and restrictions, it is the first of several Muscle Energy Techniques Professional assessment and treatment of the larger issues can make a signficant difference to your level and longetivity of success. You may need to address the other issues before experiencing long lasting relief from your hip related issues

If for any reason your condition worsens while doing this mobilization, discontinue this exercise immediately you may call me. 604 873-4161,

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