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My Treatment Philosophy

The key to long lasting change is to help the body find it’s own Innate balance. To achieve this we must treat the body as a whole unit. We must be able to access the deepest of tissues without creating so much discomfort that change is resisted. For a detailed description of what often goes on in a treatment click here.

Classic Deep Tissue Massage

There are many ways of getting deep, I can and do provide classic deep tissue massage, using slow deep sustained pressure, using hands, fists, arms, elbows, thumbs and specialized tools. This is not for everyone, in most circumstances appropriately applied deep tissue massage leads to long lasting structural changes. If you like it deep, few things feel better then truly connecting with your tension and releasing it with breath and consciousness. I am very capable and happy to deliver this kind of classic deep tissue work. I also get similar long lasting changes with much more subtle work like capillary flow work which unwinds the tension, releases the adhesions and reconnects the brain to the disassociated tissues.

Original Design Work

This is a simple, powerful approach to restoring alignment in the deepest structures of the body. It allows us to make long lasting changes to the pelvis, core stabilizer muscles, ribs, spine enhancing muscle tone and balance. It is one of the most gentle and yet deepest techniques I have had the privilege to learn and teach. it is a gentle myofascial unwinding technique. We tap into the body’s innate knowledge of self, like checking in with the original blueprints and enable change to occur now.

What you’ll experience is deeply relaxing, you’ll be standing in a relaxed posture, giving yourself permission to let go of whatever is creating your issue. Some people start to gently sway, others only feel subtle shifts of weight through their feet. It’s quite something to experiene the power of your own body correcting, unwinding,  healing and aligning your core, the changes are often visable immediately. I use visual assessment in the mirror so you can see what exists before and after you request these changes. Seeing and feeling is very validating. I share this techqnique in a way that you can continue doing this on you own to keep your body in alignment, reduce your pains and apply it when and where ever you need it. Original design work is inspired from Marjorie Haynes, RMT’s brilliant work, C.O.A.T (Course of applied Tensegrity). I have been blessed with her presence in my life for over 25 years.

Capillary Flow Work

This is an incredibly gentle, practically painfree, deep soft tissue release technique. With a gentle pinch and a twist on the tissue targeting the fascial adhesions and fascial tracings found on the surface we change the blood flow at the capillary level we affect the not only the local tissue’s sensitivity, we also affect the optimal function of the surrounding tissues and help hydrate the deeper fascial tissue. The effects observed are a rapid reduction of pain, a softening of the underlying tissue, increased mobility, often larger systemic changes. Deep fascia releases are also experienced with capillary flow technique as fascial is largely a fluid filled membrain and is hydrated with the pull type motion instead of a push.

This is also very effective as a self-care technique.

“Over the last decade I have come to identify a common theme in the reduction of pain and the restoration and maintenance of health. It’s all about blood flow.”

Capillary flow work is the brainchild of one of my favorite mentors Marjorie Haynes, RMT. Marjorie is not just a talented Registered Massage Therapist she is also an incredible healer, gifted teacher and a blessing to have as a mentor; I cannot express enough gratitude for her willingness to share her gifts. This is one of the techniques that is so simple in execution that it is easy to overlook how powerful and effective this technique is.

C.O.A.T -Course of Applied Tensegrity

This like most modalities a synthesis of different techniques applied as a system to read the body accurately, work with the body to release points of adhesion, inflammation, visceral issues (organ systems) and Pain in the body on many different levels,  Applied Tensegrity is gentle, yet very deep fascial release through subtle and deeply relaxing techniques like Capillary Flow Work, fascial unwinding, and structural realignment. To learn more about Applied Tensegrity visit Marjorie Haynes Course Of Applied Tensegrity Website.

Muscle Energy Techniques

Muscle Energy Technique is a subtle yet very powerful Osteopathic modality that assesses and restores balance to our deepest core muscles. When balance is restored to the system, excess nervous excitation that often leads to unnecessary muscle contraction, pain, postural imbalances, restricted mobility, low energy, and dysfunctional compensatory movement patterns throughout the body are reduced significantly. the changes are often felt within minutes after the first 15-20 minute session. In a few sessions the changes become a part of our muscle memory and we are able to maintain our natural state of balance.

This is a very safe and gentle alternative to high velocity chiropractic care; it also compliments chiropractic care as it literally re-balances the muscles holding the hips and spine in or out of balance.

I often combine Muscle energy technique with my massage sessions because allows us to keep the benefits of the deep muscle and facial work much longer. Without it, the deep core patterns often simply fire again returning you to the original state of imbalance that led you to the pain and dysfunction in the first place.

Keep reading for a more detailed explanation.

Muscle Energy Technique A Proven Osteopathic Approach to Improved Balance and Function


Our spine is made up of 24 independent vertebrae that float on your vertebral discs. Our discs are largely water filled bags, which are largely responsible for our spinal mobility. Spinal stability comes from our tiny core muscles, the multifidi and the rotatories. These muscles attach from one spinal segment to the next providing protection and stability by guiding and controlling our movements in flexion, extension, rotation and side bending.

Fast Moving Muscles

The core stabilizers have a special high-speed connection to your brain that fire 40 to 60 milliseconds before your larger muscles move you. Your core muscles contract to stabilize your spine, protecting your spinal cord, discs and the nerve fibers that pass between each spinal segment. These muscles respond so quickly that when working properly, they provided us with balance, stability, fine motor coordination, good posture, and above all pain free existence.

Dysfunctional Movement Patterns

When our core muscles are traumatized, abused, disused, or imbalanced (asymmetrical), the advanced firing and stability of our spine is negatively impacted. This often leads to any of the following: Pain, nerve irritation, hypertonic muscles, fatigue, irritability, local inflammation, acute and chronic imbalances, scoliosis, head aches, and sciatica. Many of these dysfunctions can lead to arthritic changes in the form of bone or calcification in the areas of constant pressure or over stimulation. As you move, your body must compensate for these imbalances and Irritations. Within a short period of time these dysfunctional movement patterns become the usual pattern for your movements and move towards permanence. Your brain recognizing these repeated patterns hardwires itself making complex connections called engrams. These are what takes so long to rewire with training

The Correction

We use a simple assessment technique to identify which segments are out of balance (subluxed). We then put the shortened muifidi or rotatores into a very gentle stretch position apply approximately a nickel’s weight of pressure to wake up the muscle and reset it’s resting tone length. Once this is repeated 3 times we retest to confirm that the spine and the length of the core muscles are now balanced. Simple, elegant, pain free and long lasting. Usually increased range of motion and reduced discomfort and guarding can be felt instantaneously. The rest of the release is often felt within ten minutes. I have been doing this technique for over 17 years. We can correct pelvic floor imbalances, hip and low back pain, spinal subluxations, some scoliotic curves, sciatica, head aches and many jaw issues with this gentle approach.

Positional Release

Positional Release (Strain/Counterstrain) is another Osteopathic technique, Deeply relaxing often leading to a deep trance like state. This technique is often most useful when the body can’t take any pressure because of tenderness. We simply identify the painful region, move the joint to a place where the painful area is a 2/10 or less, hold and we are able to obtain deep long lasting releases.

I have developed this into a very effective self-care technique as well.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) The Tapping Technique

EFT uses our acupuncture meridians to release negative feelings and beliefs from the traumas and negative programing that surrounds us. Feelings like fear, shame, anger, sadness, and guilt to name a few. No matter how stuck you feel or how long you have been replaying your old painful experiences. By briefly and perhaps for the last time focusing on the feelings and beliefs you want to be released from you will find yourself feeling so much more relaxed, lighter, and then empowerd to make greater changes. YOU CAN DO THIS FOR YOURSELF TOO. I will teach you to do this amazing technique. Other changes you can make are less physical pain, stress, anxiety, phobias, PTSD, core belief change work, addictions and cravings. I have helped many people with these issues You can read what my clients say by Clicking Here.

I often use EFT as an adjunct to massage or as a separate modality when requested.

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How does it work you cleverly ask??

We gently tap on your acupuncture meridian points while you focus on the emotions or beliefs you want to release. Many clients find deep relief within moments of starting this technique. I will also teach you how to apply this to yourself so you can continue to make powerful changes on your own If you are so inclined. Guidance and support is also available to clients working out more complex issues during self care.

Client/Therapist sessions are often the most effective way, if for the sole reason I help you clarify and stay focused the issues you want to release and solve.

EFT is one the most powerful techniques I have used, treated and taught in my 20 years of experience. In the last 12 years EFT has gone from a serious seekers discovery to an often mentioned technique in self help, coaching and councelor circles. It has been around and refined over 30 years, thanks in large part to it’s founder Gary Craig. There is evidence that the Vedics have been practicing an EFT like technique for thousands of years. As demonstrated by Swami Paramahamsa Nithyhanadas teachings.

Recently recognizsed by the American Psychological Association (APA) as an evidence based practice. This is a huge step in recognition for this amazing group of techniques. This recognizes the success with War time PTSD for American Military.

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