Gluteal, Piriformis, Adductor Super Stretch

This fantastic stretch allows you to get great releases in your gluteal, piriformis, adductor muscles, as well as part of the IT bands. This is a very comfortable stretch which can easily be held for extended periods of time.

Start in the horse stance –  With your hands and knees on the floor.

Stretch the side that is least painful first.

Take the leg of the side you are not stretching and move the foot/ leg back and across the opposite leg. Step back deeply, which should move the stretch side knee under your opposite shoulder. You should be feeling a stretch in the gluteal area of the leg that is under your chest.

Breathe and slowly bend your elbows slowly lowering yourself on top of your stretch side bent knee.

Hold this stretch for a minimum of 60 seconds, keeping the intensity to a 3 or 4/10. After a minute or so switch legs and repeat this stretch. Stretch each side 3 times.

Next Step: Stretch your piriformis muscles (known to create sciatica)

Release your downward pressure between stretches by restraightening your arms, Change the mussles stretched by changing your arm position: Walk your hands toward the outside of the stretch leg to move the stretch knee towards the 2 or 10 oclock positions depending on the leg you are stretching 2 for the left and 10 for the right.

To stretch your adductors and Itbands: Walk your hands towards the inside of the stretch leg to stretch your inner thighs or adductors – 2 or 3 oclock for your right leg and 9 or 10 oclock for you left stretch leg