The Province of BC on the insistence of ICBC has recently changed the laws regarding accident claims which deeply impact their compensation for massage therapy and other modalities. As an ICBC claimant you should understand how this will affect your ability to get compensation for your injuries. If your claim started before April 1st 2019 you may be grandfathered for the previous system of reimbursement, which was not their official policy, previously most of my clients were able to submit their massage therapy receipts and get full compensation for their treatment expenses.

ICBC is now limiting the amount they are willing to compensate you for massage therapy treatments to a maximum of $80.00 per treatment. If you see an RMT for an hour session which is on average $120.00 including taxes, you will be out of pocket for the balance. Your extended medical insurance may cover the difference. By their definition you as the claimant are entitled to 12 treatments within 12 weeks from the start of your claim. After the 12 weeks have passed you will require a physician to certify in writing that further treatment is necessary. In reality most injuries do not resolve within 12 weeks of a car accident and it can be difficult to find the times to receive treatment in that time frame.

ICBC insists that your RMT must bill them directly for the $80.00. I have signed up for their practitioners program and will be able to participate in this program.

Unless your injuries as considered significant by ICBC under this new legislation the maximum amount they will reimburse you for your pain and suffering is $5500.00. (indexed for inflation) The definition of a “minor injury” has been expanded significantly and even serious traumatic brain injuries, psychological trauma and most whiplash injuries will now be included in the “minor injury” category.

If you have other sources of coverage such as extended health coverage or disability insurance you may not be able to recover other medical expenses and lost wages from ICBC.

Some of this information was taken from the book: What ICBC does not want you to know. Supplied by the BC. law firm Mussio Goodman. This is not an endorsement of their services, you may contact them for a copy of the book or read it at Crossroad Massage Therapy in my reception area.