Self Care Techniques

Here you will find a powerful collection of methods and exercises that will bring you relief. All of these have been well tested and used with great success by therapists and clients. Spend a little time here and you will learn to make great changes to your mind, body and many say their souls.

Contrast Bathing – The Ancient Technique of Vascular Flushing

This technique goes back hundreds of years, used to decrease pain and increase the circulation to areas of injury and restricted blood flow. Along with improved circulation that flushes away the toxins and waste products trapped in the tissues,…

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Aka The Tapping Techniques

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is an amazing tool that allows you to quickly and permanently release both emotional and physical pain by tapping select acupuncture meridians. You wont believe how quickly you…

Feldenkrais Exercises

This Series of Feldenkrais exercises inspired by Jacqueline Ogg’s “Workercise” cdrom & video tape

A brief explanation of how this works:

Counter symmetry

When you have a movement that functions well on one…

Gluteal, Piriformis, Adductor Super Stretch

This fantastic stretch allows you to get great releases in your gluteal, piriformis, adductor muscles, as well as part of the IT bands. This is a very comfortable stretch which can easily be held for extended periods of time.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Balancing

If you are experiencing sacral iliac joint issues, such as Low back pain, feeling that your hips are locked up or knee and ankle issues. This often relates to what we call a locked up or restricted sacral iliac joint. The pain associated with…

Randall’s Two Person Hip Release

The Pull Apart Squeeze Together Exercise

The purpose of this exercise is to gently traction and release your sacroiliac and pubic joints. I find the two-person release slightly more effective, but the self-release is quick and…

Salt Glow Treatment – Something Really Special

A salt glow treatment leaves your skin soft and glowing for several days. Your body will tingle during and after this treatment. Perfect for a couples activity but nurturing for self care…

Standing Unwinding Technique (Original Design Work)

As simple and unconventional this beautiful technique is, I have witnessed 1000’s of amazing changes in spinal structures, imbalances, tight muscles, tension and pain within moments of the request to return to original design. I have been…

The C.O.A.T Method

Easy to learn, very deep, and very gentle.  Tap into The Immense Power at Your Finger Tips.  Hydrate your fascia, melt your tight…

The Pull Apart Squeeze Together Exercise

A Great Self Release Exercise For Sacral Iliac Joint Locks

Randall’s Self Hip Release.  Many of our back, hip, shoulder and neck issues stem from the fact that the three bones that make up our hips, the sacrum and the left and right iliac crest bones get stuck in certain positions that create…

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