Standing Unwinding Technique (Original Design Work)

As simple and unconventional this beautiful technique is, I have witnessed 1000’s of amazing changes in spinal structures, imbalances, tight muscles, tension and pain within moments of the request to return to original design. I have been treating clients with this technique for over 10 years now over a thousand patients. I am still constantly blown away to see the consistent releases people gain from this technique. I always perform specific pre & post assessments to confirm the desired corrections were made. You can get similar results by folling these instructions.

Your Request for Original Design can be used to reduce physical pain, correct alignment issues, and simply supercharge your immune system. It all depends on what you focus on while doing this technique. I have seen many amazing results from applying this technique on thousands of clients over the last decade. Try it yourself the worst that can happen is nothing the best is that you will have a lifelong tool to improve the quality of your life.

My Original Design Mantra: Inspired by Marjorie Haynes, RMT

I request a return to original design with as little pain as possible, to the fullest potential of the present time. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Instructions: Find yourself standing or sitting with the intent to release your pain, imbalances etc and whatever may be causing it. Have your eyes open or closed visualizing the horizon, Give yourself permission to let what ever it may be go completely. Let your body move freely to guide you to a place of complete release. Many people find their bodies moving gently or swaying as it guides you to release your blocks physically emotional and mentally. there is no wrong way to do this. Several of my clients call this the Ouiji technique due to their natural body movements.

You can set a specific or more general intension while doing the request, you can also focus on a particularly sensiive or tight area with your hands, do the release and then press again to observe the kind of relase you get.

Choose to be in a place of gratitude for your Soul, mind and body being willing to make these changes. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

You may also find Master Sha’s Say hello healing mantra a powerful addition: Dear soul mind and body of my (low back, neck…) you have the power to heal yourself, Do a good job! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I have experimented with repeating the “I request a return to original design with as little pain as possible” repeating this over and over during longer sessions of body unwinding and it allows me to go deeper and deeper. I also repeat (often silently while working with clients) “Love, heal, thank you” usually in 3’s

Master Sha say’s “Love heals all blockages, and forgiveness brings peace.”

May you be blessed with this technique

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