What’s It All About? Deep Tissue & More

Randall Friedman, Rmt has been offering Vancouver some of the best Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Rehab therapy for more than 21 years.

Deep Tissue, Fascial Release, Core Rebalancing, Performance Enhancing Sports Massage and Rehabilitaion

My therapy is assessment based so we can quickly and acurately identify and address your underlying core issues. If you want to know whats going on, I will help you get the level of understanding you want. We will identify where you are right now and track the improvments as you change rapidly. I treat many different issues and have a rich group of tools to call upon. Here are some of the techniques I use. it’s an ever-expanding list as I love learning and expanding my tool kit.

Self Care Techniques and Exercise:

Knowledge with action is power. Here’s your opportunity to get the tools that give you more power over your own health. (for those that are ready to take it to the next level)

Getting the absolute best results comes by applying a holistic approach. Learn my self- care system for pain reduction, increased mobility, restoration of function and balance and stability. Self massage techniques, stretching and my flexible, issue-specific exercise system will bring you strength and flexibility where you need it and help restore the ideal muscle memory patterns. Using the right set of tools will empower you to improve almost any situation. prevent small issues from becoming big problems and take your performance to the next level.

Randall’s deep tissue massage is more then the usual painful plowing of your muscle and fascia tissues. Thanks to techniques like the Coat Method, Applied Tensegrity, Capillary Flow Techniques, Muscle Energy Technique, Cranial Sacral Therapy and more we can deeply affect the underlying stuctures, improve core strength, balance and stability. I literally unwind and hydrate the fascia almost painlessly. You always set the level of intensity! While some request classic deep tissue massage -delivered happily, many fall deeply in love with the more subtle deep releases that come from years of education and experience.

Emotional Freedom:

Our bodies and our minds are different aspects of the whole. My approach for those who seek wholeness is to help you release your physical, emotional  and mental stress by helping you permanently release the emotional triggers set by past trauma and belief systems that no longer serve you. I have been using Emotional Freedom Techniques and NLP for more than 14 years, providing extremely deep and meaningful releases from all different levels of stress and trauma. (see: what my clients say) I am now working with FasterEFT as well, faster, more accessable and so easy to use as a self care technique.

My Primary Purpose:

Is to bring people back to the 4R’s: Relief, Recovery, deep Relaxation, and long lasting Results. I am here to share with you the deep wisdom passed down from brilliant healers, massage therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, coaches and councelors who have shared their gifts with me over the years. it is all available to you if you want it. One of my gifts is being able to take the inheritanly complex and make it understandable for the non-expert. I would be delighted to help get you more aquainted, comfortable, and more responsible with your body. Get Relief Now

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Randall is a therapist with a leading-edge understanding and approach to soft-tissue injury/pain rehabilitation. He stands out for his appreciation of the mind-body in the bodywork therapy that he uses.

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, & Creative

Fred Samorodin, Registered Physical Therapist taken from LinkedIn Profile

Referral From Physiotherapist Fred Samorodin

Hi Randall - Thanks again for Friday's treatment... The capillary flow stuff was really wild. Felt great all weekend. Jess

Wild Stuff

To let you know, I am so thrilled that I feel so much better already. I was just really kicking myself for not finding you sooner. I hope I mentioned that Mr. Ingraham sent me to you! I owe him 😉

I meant to call you and tell you what a great job you did on my neck that time about a month ago. I was FINALLY able to sleep normally. M.A.( muscle energy technique, original design work, detailed neck massage)


"I was a non-believer, or a skeptic, but there really is NO MORE neck pain! and I did not have any pain tonight, getting off the couch, which is always painful. Thanks Randall!" (10 minutes of Matrix Energetics! With all the work I've done and seen, I am really blown away)

My Big Surprise.

Thank you for an incredible session yesterday (I slept like a baby). When you get a moment, I can please ask you to get the recipe for rack of lamb from your Mom. U.R.

I finally slept through the night!

"I was a non-believer, or a skeptic, but there really is NO MORE neck pain! and I did not have any pain tonight, getting off the couch, which is always painful. Thanks Randall!" (10 minutes of Matrix Energetics! With all the work I've done and seen, I am really blown away)

Mr. Magic

Oh, Mr. Magic Fingers! An ode could not describe my joyfulness!

Mr. Magic Fingers

You do wonderful, wonderful things for me...

Thanks for what you do.

Hi Randall, I just wanted to let you know that yesterdays session brought some noticeable shifts in thought and feeling.  It didn't seem like it at the time.  I feel lighter and more peaceful.  I am interested to see where this shift in consciousness will lead to. Thanks, A.(EFT, NLP)

Light and Peaceful

The session was phenomenal. I have been working with EFT for over a year and the fact that you integrated it with the bodywork was marvelous and Samuel learned a lot from watching. My shoulder pain released and has been much better. SF (She is a well known Healer)

Great Integration

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