This is a LinkedIn response to a question asking what is your bias in relation to massage therapy.

Udo Magel Ph.D • I have a big issue with Spa-Massage, Massage therapy, Therapeutic Massage ec. There is nothing wrong with all of them. How ever, I have been gone to several Spas and other
Massage Clinic for Low Back Pain, none of them was able to help me with my issue and I,m not asking for a quick fix, they just did not even got into it.For me it was not even the money worth it and the massage it self was not this great either. How ever, this is my opinion ,others may have different.

Randall Friedman, RMT • Udo, Low back pain can be any number of complex issues and combinations of those issues. Because it can be so complex it requires a therapist that has extensive experience in structural alignment, Pelvic floor assessment and corrections, and a wide understanding of exercises that address specific imbalances… To increase the odds of finding a therapist that can offer you relief I recommend finding therapists that have studied Muscle energy technique, Positional Release, Tom Myers’ KMI Structural Integration Marjorie Haynes C.O.A.T Baral’s Visceral Manipulation

Not everyone is fixable, though often it is more a case that the effort and commitment to self care that a client is willing or able to take to heal/ retrain their deep long established dysfunctional movement patterns or structural restrictions is never achieved. I would not give up looking for solution, I would also not discount a particular modality until I found a therapist that obviously has tremendous success with similar issues as yours. You also need to be fully committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve the quality of life you so wish for.