Here are several long established yogic breathing exercises, try them and see which one you find more effective.

Breath exercise I

Bring your awareness to the depth and speed of your breathing at this time. Take notice of subtle feeling of movement in your feet and legs as you breath deeply. How much more movement do you feel with a deeper breath.

Breathe in deeply,as you inhale move your breath deep into your abdomen, pushing your stomach out as far as you can. Expand your ribcage at the top of your breath, this mobilizes your spine as well as stimulates your immune system (lymphatic pump) as well as stimulates your organs.  Let your abdomen’s natural elasticity assist with your exhalation. As you continue to exhale contract your abdominal muscles to empty your lungs. The next step is to divide your abdomen and diaphragm into quadrants. Concentrate your contraction in each of the quadrants, release and breath in and out deeply for 5 deeply for 5 minutes. This can also be used to enhance your stretches.


Need to Relax Now? –Take 5 minutes Now

Sit down, turn off your cell phone, close off the outside world, and close your eyes if you dare.

This exercise builds ability to focus and staying in the present.

This is a simple but very powerful breathing exercise, Do this often and it will become more profound and powerful with little practice.

Lets do it: Breathe in as slowly and deeply as possible. Feel the maximal expansion of your belly, ribs and chest. Then control the speed your exhalation as slowly as possible. You can breathe much slower then that, really (think in finer increments). Use your diaphragm to hold the speed to get just enough air in and out. Work at smoothness. Don’t be surprised if you find your eyes watering. Stand up and stretch your arms over your head, to the sides feel how different you move.

As you start to get into this form of breathing you will start to feel the edge of being where you have just enough air to sustain you. Stay in control but feather the edge of panic and you will break through it and find further control. This is often very energizing. Stay focus for 5 minutes.

Return to more normal rate and depth of your breath after 5 minutes. How does it feel to breath now? Is it is easier? What does your body feel like? Warmer? You can eventually work up to longer periods of time.

Push the resolution of your awareness to be aware of the subtlest of movements in your body. Pick a part and observe the movement with your breath.

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